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Anti-Swelling Foot Spa

Anti-Swelling Foot Spa
Anti-Swelling Foot Spa
Anti-Swelling Foot Spa
Anti-Swelling Foot Spa
Anti-Swelling Foot Spa
Anti-Swelling Foot Spa
Anti-Swelling Foot Spa
Anti-Swelling Foot Spa

Anti-Swelling Foot Spa

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Anti-Swelling Foot Spa


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Anti-Swelling Foot Spa is a great natural solution for Foot Swelling, Edema, Ankle Pain and Foot Pain. Extracted from ginger root, Ginger Foot Spa benefits you by Relieving Swelling & Pain by cleansing your body from Excess Fluid and the pain so caused. It prevents your circulatory and lymphatic systems from sluggishness or blockage.

100% healing blends of botanicals – Ginger Extract & Epsom salt – act as a detoxifying agent & powerful circulation enhancer. Epsom salt can soak away toxins from your body which cause inflammation and body pain. Experience detoxing through your feet to rejuvenate legs & whole body!


  • Rapidly treat toxin & water retention that causes swelling
  • Decreases swollen veins & glands after inflammation
  • Soothe Pain caused by Swelling
  • Boosts foot & whole body circulation for lymphatic health
  • Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties to deodorize
  • Soften corns, calluses & rough heels


  • Main Ingredients: Ginger extracts, Epsom salt, Salt Baking Soda, Natural Essential Oils.
  • Net Weight: 100g


  1. Put one tablet to a basin of 4L warm water
  2. Wait for 2 mins till the tablet is fully dissolved
  3. Soak your feet for around 30 mins and relax
  4. Use 2-3 times a week or when necessary


  • 10pcs X Anti-Swelling Foot SPA

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